(dis pag dosn't rely need to exist but ima keep it for a bit)
hellow i am zay or stric9l0l andd the host of the site
well acholy back to about me im a transfem and 14 (u cancall me watever u want aslong as is not he or an insult but i usaly call myself they/she/it)
im aslso a furrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy (uwu xdddddd lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i like to draw (uh what else to people put her oh)

dni if you are homophobic rasis transphobic and idk just don't be annoying or mean (yyeahthis doesn'tneed to be its own page it coukld be onthe front if i figger out how to make itlike it's own windo thatlike schrools sepritly but ig this is a test

also i like music like elecctro and house and like brake corr (or what ever lapfox music is called) and vylet pony too (if i make a shrine she will prov be mentioned