20/10 #40

!!!!omg last blog post so happy :)

18/10 #39

realy tired rn but the pink out lines on the new one are de sceach we messed up an drew on de same layer sorry and og traced from dwagon

17/10 #38

:((( anouther fail also on friday we have to go for a watr polo thing so we woun't update de site sory

16/10 #37

yah sory dis art was fail
but uhh yah sona thing coming sone

15/10 #36

(song from here ) ignor de spelling mistacs it's one not on also yeah we don't know how to draw a hamer and sical so starlight glimer de republica espanya XD also omg!!! 3000+ veiw dats 400 more and it more dan de number of people in my scholl!!

14/10 #36

(minor gore worning btw) yeah dis was kinda bad and doen in 7 minits

13/10 #35

yeah we tried to draw pinkimina from luna game (ok we put way to much links) and fiald :(

12/10 #34

ok so we could hav posted dis last day but >:( are parents took are laptop ayaw also ashfur is totaly a sundiri !!! XD (o also blood warning ig)
:C realy sorry 4 de low updaets wi'll trysomething 2nigth
play hollow knight lol

11/10 #33

:((( rip we mised a day WITCH WE WOUN"T HAD IF AR STUPID SCHOOL DIDN"T BLOCK NEOCITES ON THE COMP_SCI computers so yeah rip dat (even thought in comp-sci we didn't realy do achowal updates more just blog posts but still) >:(
i realy hate ur vocie in de video cause we have ben trying to change it for more dan a yaer and found a better one but used de stupet on >:((( k also dis counts for cringtoberr totaly cause all of aur sonas are fersonas so tecnicly yes (even thought it was started befor cringetober 10 but still) (also btw dis was an asinment for a/v production 1 )

9/10 #32

:00000 omg we final put ethert into cringtober (dis took liek an hour and 27 minits) yeah fanart ov crystal and angle dust not even realy a ship xd but based off dis video witch acholy (small rant incoming) got us into hellova boss (ok it got us back into couse like a year befor we watched the polit and didn't like it then) so it so ig its a thank you to kd for dat lol (k back to the art) yeah crystal exemplifys de reson y no sona has gradents and we messed up on de moon eye + ders a reson shes infrot of angle dust (we messed up on de hands and legs lol)

8/10 #31

tecnicly fan art of bezal but also drawn in 2 minits lol (sorry with al de low ethert art and low updates we'll trt sone)

7/10 #30

dis toc 6 minists 2 draw,,,, idk what ekse neads 2 be sead lol

6/10 #29

in da spirit of ms paint we also only drew with are mouse (even thought we already use are mose 4 liek 1/3 of art art) adn did it with not sceatch witvh made iy finnish like in half de time lol
:P all of are sonas are alrady cats lol so ponydog!! XD

5/10 #28

>:((((((( im literly doing dis (warning alot of swating in that link) at discord right now cause day ar maeking us find anouder host for liak HALF DE IMIGAS ON DIS SITE!!!!!!!!
well we need somthing to host are stuff so check out are devent art ig (even thought it's like 90% just stuf from dis site but worse formated) ig the one good thing that came form dis is u could contact us if u want
also cause we created the acount like a year ago ignr de name idk how to change it but yeah also are birht day and location are a lie >:) (or are day XD)
:((( we did cringtober 2day but forgot 2 send it ober den are copmuter locked so we can't put it on de art blog so wi'll do it early tomaro

4/10 #27

wow dis is the earlyist we've ever done a blog
cringtober 3!! eyah we tried r desins don't realy have cloths and we arn't the best at drawing dem lol
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omggg watch de new kd song it's so good (we acholy had a ds and 3ds when we were young so we could have gotten flipnote and maybe became a furry when we were like 7)
cringtober day 4 and yeah fake levitating ring (cause were baned from being angles) and horns don't rely mean deval but close enouth lol!!

3/10 #26

we might finaly inprove are blog after like ever lol and we might have to remodal r index 2 center everthing omg!!! i hav a consperisy thery sains i took comp sci in 7 (but it was a 9th grade class) the lesons that are already filled in are the lesons i already did lol

2/10 #25

wer'e doing cringtober the fist 1 was just supost to be fanart of dwagon but tecnicly has mult coloured eys so it counts lol! and the seconed one is self insert of aroura (a sona) nd dwagon 2 lol (idk de first 1 was uv dwagon and they were like 1 of r first disine insperation so !!! SUB TO DEM LOL)
also yeah i know its not doen wel we were tring to replicat dwagons style (and failing lol) and it dind't go well

30/9 #24

happy birthday mimi ignor that were a day late (we remembered to draw art but FORGOT TO PUT IN THE BLOG!!!!)you can now drive and drink (not at da saem time thjoguh) u r such a col insperation and if u don't know them then you should check her channle out
we figered out how to center things from just the left somhow????????

29/9 #23

yeah we reaerly draw kds so yeah
!!!also discord just died ig cause it won't let us use it at all so sorry for the low artblog
yeah we might not do anything on saterday cause of a waterpolo but we'l make up 4 it on sunday prov also y did we have a snowflack asinment in comp sci IT IS SEPTEBRE!!! >:) scruw the 2 peop le who have a longer screem than wide (phones don't exiust XD) we're only centering bases on x value wow thats a sign of inprovment geting 98 veiws uset to b at the top of the grsth but now it's not even half (thank you guys and gals watching so much bty X3)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!we just got are lap top back lets goooooooo XDDDD (expet more updates lol)

28/9 #22

and such begens the recentering of LITERLY EVERY THING in this site ahhhhhhh (yeah sorry that might be like 75% of all the new updats sorry) but we finaly made it so you don't have to schroll all the way down to the new blog posts also yay we got a 90 on a comp sci test enven though like 1/5 of the things we DIDN"T LEARN (like wtf is a unitary operator)!!! and they still haven updated my waht ever an I on the grade book assinment that i did (adn it counts like a 0 i think) witch is y we have an 81 in the class! uh yeah idk how to center in css so like are index might be broken for a bit sorry
realy sorry 4 no art blog taod y we made the art took the pictur but forgot to put it on the computer and the aure phone looked we'll do 2 in the mnoring tomarro so sorry

27/9 #21

wow new blog (ignor that today was an a day so like no updates) dis time it will be slightly better provaly de mega blog page got art dat took us like 47 minits (we draw quickly usoly art only takes like 15-25 minits lol) so yeah (also dis time it will be so you don't have 2 scroll dwon 4 a yer to se new poest XD)

art blog