31/8 #1

omgggggg !!!!! this is my first blog and i don't realy know what to put here but uh school starting (ignor that it started 2.5 weeks ago) for me is acholy provaly better for this site couse i can log on and work during school but yeahhh and school is goint well :) alsooo in a class that most of the kids are 1 or 2 years after me and on a test i go a fecken 988888888 when the class advrige was a 73 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyy alsoo :(((( y are cyan and aqua the same colour :(((

1/9 #2

im sorry that the mlp imige in the shrine looks bad i made it in like 30 lol
that is if u could se it :(((((( because it won't lode on my crombook for som reson (is it because i use discord to host the imig and my stupen school banned discord)
(i just reolised my blog page is cinda boring so i will prov re desin soon)
:((((((((( i mest it up i tryed to make it a link but ilost the imige link when i copped and pased so i lost it besause blocked websites don't show up on histroy and i forgot to downlod it
im back homw and fixed the mlp things :)))) now to could se the schrine

5/9 #3

im back yayy im sory :( i was on break i was out of school (also do to som sport thing i waon't be here on fry day so prov no update)
dis page sucs so much sorry ikma i might fix it but are abot me is importajt so ill fix that first
when i say dayi mean school day btw (wichsis only 3 days this week sorry)
can we pleas have a sona thing so people can tell what the fuck is going onTHEN FINNISH THE MLP SHRINE AND DRAW EVER SONA OA omfg that will be done soon
sorry are shrins are kinda barren it's soposed to be mostly fan art but im not home rn :(

6/9 #4

realy sorry i won't be doing much today it's an a day so few work during class and can't during lunch and the begining of the day :(

7/9 #5

:( last day i will do major work on this site this week prov also ima just put the about page on the main page and eventialy replace it with a sona page
:((((( are spanish class leterly suports gamboling

8/9 #9

wow super rayer out of school lat update (ignor that we would have bean to school today normaly) just to say on the art blog (with i know is late sorry) :( the blacked out bit is just my finger was in the og imidge so i removed it lol :)

11/9 #10

ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we need to make art for this site but are art sucks so much:(( and it's onying to do it at home also abligitory agnoligment of 911 becuase we live in merica

12/9 #11

(at this point the art blog is going to have more entries) ok you know schools ramping up + we draw more
:((((((((((( im trying to make fan art of a utuber (shrine oming soon) but it's the one with light colours and i don't have thought so i have to 1: leave it blank 2: make it off colour or 3: just colour it what ever and all of them are bad options :(((((( if i want to use it in the shrine i'll have to redrwa it online ):

14/9 #12

)))))))):im so fecen sorry we didn't do anything yesterday even thought it was a school day so i'lltry to do dubble today +no school on fry day (sport absint) so tripple and ima acholy update the art blog too

15/9 #13

i guss the not fingers rule only aplies to when there over the emig lol
also you can finaly se the dwagon thing yayy (so fecken late)
and that is what it looks like on a day were we have not enouth work (+ no phoen) to do anything with the sceach book but too much work do you know... scech in thhe SCHECH book

16/9 #14

dis is art on days where we don't od secch book XD!!!!!!!!!

18/9 #15

:(( my school blocked de chat boxthing and stil lice half of the sit is broken on my crombok
todaus english was so dumbb first (this part acholy relates to englis) the whole FECKEN class was talking (it wasnt' lte whol clase it was like 1/3 but still) so the techer coudn't do the lessen >:( and now we have homework but during that clas MY STUPED FECKEN SCHOLL DESIDED TO BLOCK NEO-CITES (ans wikipedea) and im like 90% sur that it was just me because im wiling do bet like at least 10 quid that NO ONE ELES IN MY WHOLE FECKEN SCHOOL (of like 3400) HAS A NEO CITES ACOUNT so feck them >:(
oa frist tim we do the art thing on tim lol (ignor that it sucs we had alot of worc todau) :(

19/9 #15

sorry for low blog today in comp sci (achol code lol) and the schol only bloced necides with an exeston for crohm so it works and i can code on there computers XD! but yeh i gess we got lucky because the site got alot of views somhow

20/9 #16

sorry for low activity today that might be the noram for a days now :( at leas on b days in the morning we get like 45 minits to do like 30 updates somhow but sorry (also ignor the sona page thats broken that just there to remind us to FECKEN DO A SONA PAGE) we did do a thing with the link broken page thouge lol

21/9 #17

uwu dis is de first blog made during comp sci lol (don't wowy we'll do somthing this clas)
we'r never going to mak an updat log because most updates are way to small and i dn'ot fell like makeig 20 differnet logs in a day if the updat is inportand the blog will talk about it (like the new font lol)
mi comp sci is so ez like 1/3 of de tim they just give us the anser so idkkkkkkkk + THEY HAVE"T UPDATED GRADES IN LIKE 2.5 WEEKS SO WE still have an 85 (ikd what we would have if greads updat prov like a low 90 or somthing) but it's still onoying (thought WEBSIT AND BLENDER FOR HALF THE CLAS IS FUJ LOL) even though half the clas is alwees playing roblox fsr (the teacher alows it)
k the art blog back round emij is way to fecken big and it so dummmmmm i might change it idk it's anoying(don't read the text on the art thing today) ok what happened was we sa a vido mad by an "anti-theist" and ataturk was a kinda anti-theist they clamed "religon should be liberated from politics" so not realy (just goverment regulation of religon and keeping it out of politics) but yeah we thought it was funny lol
:((( aparently font is a lei because it only workd on one computer and IDK how to fix it

22/9 #18

today we were rely dumb so first we wasted like 25 minnits on the font thing >:( (we spenet like 40 whole minits btw) because we were puting the tag thing inside of anthouth tag so yea then at school we forgot to take are schech book witch is y in the art blog it's not on payper so we had like nothin too do so ehhh
:((( y does it keep tqaking de picturs up side down >:(

23/9 #19

feck imger feck dropbox ytf we we have to uplode a utube vido >:(((((((((( like y dos discord (witch has the video in de servers) not let us vew in broser and inbed it wtfff

26/9 #20

omfggggg !!!!!!!!!! it's de last one of our blog today (because i don't want like 40 things and 20 minuts of scholing down lol) that we were suporst to do yesterday but are stupit (they arnt that bad but still) parenbts took are mac so we could't >:( but it's fine atlest we could do the last art blog today too ig and yeah dis is early (Befor school) but 2day is a bday so comp sci (aka de 1 class we can update are site in lol)
and we're back lol! uh well we wre being mad we forgot to say. OMG thanks for all the view we hit 2000 yeasterday and that's like alot lol i guss are goal is 3400 cause that how many people are in are school and it would be cool if more people see are site than in are school (and yes i know provaly like 1/3 to 1/8 of the veiw are us but like shut let me have this lol) dis is off topic but tomorrow night is not good but we already got used to it and there isn't a good replacment so we're just stuck also dis halpened awil ago but my school is going 1984 help!!! it baned spodify (on the wifi this time so it's aparently more important than neo lol) !!exept apartently idk what blocking on wifi does cause the comp sci computer s are directly conected to the indernet so we could still use it lol (ignor that we don't use headphone in dis class but still) k back on topic it also baned thumnails on utube and pfps (+even if a website isn't banned like 1/4 of them have there imigis not show up on google imigis) :( idk whats happining with font because it doesn't work on de school computer so idk nvm we'r just dumb we forgot to remove somthing well i gues the last blog was the biggerst one by like alot lol
:(((( we just figered out how to acholy center stuf and were going to have TO FECKEN CENTER EVERTHING on this site so ehhhhhhhh that might take a while

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