relyy sry dis site es nuw so not ryly complet :(

basicly i do watever i wnt on
ths sie (even if its cringe uwu) xd!!!

i liek dawing, animachun, and couding (en html lolll)!!

about us!!!!

hellow we r zay or stric9l0l andd the host of the site
transfem and 14 (u cancall me watever u want aslong as is not he or an insult but i usaly call myself they/she/it)
aslso a furrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy (uwu xdddddd lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) we like to draw +have adhd too (uh what else to people put her oh)

dni if you are homophobic rasis transphobic, or like an extrem pro or anti-shiper ig and idk just don't be annoying or mean

also i like music like elecctro and house and like brake corr (or what ever lapfox music is called) and vylet pony too (if i make a shrine she will prov be mentioned

u may ask "y we made this" because its fun lol idk y you need a reson card was to basic and most website creators make you pay for full customizabitity (and enven then full might be an over statment more like 90-97%) and we are VRY BROKE and don't feel like begging are parent so the other option; hand code html with the power of a mounth and a half unit in 7th (witch was acholy a 9th grade class wow so cool lol) and the majical power of google XD + hand coding is funner lol and html is not hard like at all (thought if your on neo-cities you provaly know that lol)

about (old page)
miy blogs :)
sonas XD
mi chanel
deviantart (if u wana confact do thier) ignor name

hellow dis site is computer no phone lol

wer'e reli The current mood of strik9l0l at riht now