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16/4 #100

happi day back birdie :)

26/3 #99

omfg!!!!!!!!!!! were back 2 no one after fixating on animating this lol

8/3 #98

a kinda vent on our siguation with being a system (tw:talks about depersonalzation, and isolation ig)(also we didn't want to spam teh blog lul) (also also we proboly dox ourself so yeah)

4/3 #97

so we beat speamastr on teh 24th, (its not that bad we started this on teh 27th) and this took 4E V R lyk omfg (and 2bh its not even that good) yeah its mostly exprementeng with shading + propotions but stil kinda bad but i still lyk it, (now achali about spearmaster) omfg it was so good!!!!!!!!! i luv luv luv it so much seeing pre colaps moon, teh iteraters talking ansd so much mor + teh gameplay is fun as hekk and you get honestly r favorit campain (we took so long that were prity far ahed on saint and that still holds ups [[also also were planeng on doing dis but even mor with saint so it will prov tak even longer lol]]) (i love perenthasys)

1/3 #96

quila redesine, als we arn't dead yay (weve been scheching but most uv dem eather suck or a traesd and on teh computr we'r doing a spechal thing dat is taeking FOREVER!!!)

28/2 #95

when we get 2 blog 100 we might completly remaek dis site cuase it cinda suks now lol

26/2 #94

rip ista's mowth :((

22/2 #93

omg good fi on paper drawing yayyy :)

21/2 #92

:( we beet rivulet liek on d 16th den dend't even have d tiem 2 collour, also we baet riv reli quick lol, (liek 3 hours compard 2 gourmond r second at 9 hours) with LITERLY NO KELL XD pasefist scug (batflies aparently don't count lol)
oh also idk how but we managed 2 get so losed en 5 pebbles (after spedeng throuw et as gorumand) we found teh rarafication cell BEFOR 5PEBBLES somhow

19/2 #92

k so were kinda mad at krita so not fluffen exporitng r animations right >:(( liek et does et en wird muted colours 4 soem reson so 4 teh next 2 animation were gona screem record den were moving to adobe lol (still using krita to draw pictures)

15/2 #91

k so we beat gourmand on like de 10th, and onestly prety fun, (we beat unfortunant develupment en liek 2 cycles and 1 deaht then procedes 2 spend liek 6 hours delevoring 2 perals 2 moon caus e we don't kno waht a pasages es apaerently)
our thoughts on valitines day ,also love yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (were to tired 2 rant rn so expect 1 tomaro)

14/2 #90

rip we 4got 4 a hole week lol (et was done b4 teh kettidog lol but we 4got 2 taik a pitur uv et)

11/2 #89

hapi birth day kd (/tw aquahal ig) and yehhhh dis tok 4ever and we still DON"T FLUFFEN KBO HWO @ MAEK HEADS BOT RECTANGLES OMFG

8/2 #88

fun fact we suck at sied view cause, WE NEVER FECKEN DRAW DEN

7/2 #87

happi birht day kitty dog we totali didn't forget and well have a gif (and an essay) 2maro

5/2 #86

aroura's head with out ears loocs liek a rectangul so we made des en liek 10 minet 2 test a way 2 no have her head a rectangul

5/2 #85

we beat arti liek 4 days ago lol,,, en more tiem dan surviver but idk all de time added up dat d game says es liek 30 houres whiel steem says 50 so idk (maybe ets onli counten runs where we saev or when we don't exet d game) also de scug behind de slauter lol!

2/2 #84

this weeks theame is aparently ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bad fi scheches!!!! yay

1/2 #84


30/1 #83

totaly dedn't forget 2 uplode 4 a bit lol

26/1 #82

yay moer ista desin changes (/src caus idk how 2 convey et lol)

24/1 #81

we just (and by just i menn liek 2 days ago) beet rainworld and omg et was so good!!!! we bought et on a wem on sail 4 liek 7 dollers and et gave us liek 40 hoors uv good gaem play (from just de normal slug cat + we dedn't even cee evei thing) we highli recomend u pley et (or at leest watch a vidio or 2 on et), but about de achaol draweng we trid a soemwat complsk bacground (compard 2 wat we usali do lol) + shadeng and i think et went priti desent (defentli needs sum emprovments but i think et has more goud dan bad en it)

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